Flowers, Herbs, Fun and Photos!


Pick Your Own Flower Fields! What can be more idyllic than that? Located in the heart of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Lovely views. Gentle breezes. Cows mooing next door. And over an acre of wildflowers!

Pick the bouquet your like. You can find the price by the combined width of the stems. Just see what hole they fit in!
payment board

pay cash or check in drop box

And herbs! Don’t forget the herbs! It is so much fun to experiment with different and unusual smells, tastes, flavors, teas, and sauces.Bring your Foodie Friends and experiment with unusual herbs and greens! Pick the herbs you like fit them in the small plastic bag. Prices are in the shed.

Photo shoots. All photo shoots $25.00 per session, professional and nonprofessional. Please pay in advance so we don’t have to interrupt your shoot. Multiple families at the same time are considered separate sessions. Call with questions regarding our prices or to reserve a time.

General Visits. If you want to come and not pick flowers, take a couple of informal pictures, picnic, visit the Nature Museum, Fairie Garden, etc., please deposit $5 general user fee per adult. Please pay in advance so we don’t interrupt your visit.

In the shed, and sometimes around the shed, you will find plants or crafts for sale. Prices are clearly marked.
miscellaneous plants for sale     crafts for sale inside 1

And of course, there are the hula hoops. They are NOT there for sale or for decoration. Try one and get those hips moving!
hula hoops

Now it’s time to explore. (Please pay before exploring so you don’t forget)

Feel free to walk around the grounds, including the back of the house.

Take your picture with the cows at the fence.

There may be hidden chicken eggs. Take one home with you if you find one in the wild. But enjoy watching the chickens anyway.

Check out our Nature Museum. Just walk in, you can touch, but of course, please leave it as you found it.
nature museum shed

And last but not least, the lovely Fairie Garden is another lovely place for pictures.
Fairy Garden    Fairy Garden closeup

Also, behind the house, you will find our sleeping mulberry tree. This Lazy Tree decided to lie down and take it easy! Enjoy the beautiful canopy, and revel in the relaxing beauty.

Now that you are enjoying Pebble Hall, file away the fact that you can come again, and bring a blanket, some friends, and some food and/or drinks, and have a relaxing evening.

Traditions are wonderful!!!!

These experiences are subject to change on a daily, even hourly. basis, due to weather, time, growing conditions, etc. Feel free to call to check availability.